DATA PLAN: 選擇一個選項

2GB/Day + 60min Calls
3GB/Day + 100min Calls


7 Days
15 Days
20 Days
30 Days
60 Days
90 Days

Experience high-speed 5G/4G connectivity with our versatile Europe eSIM offering various data plans for your travel needs. Enjoy seamless calls on popular apps like WhatsApp and iMessage. Retain your physical SIM for essential calls and SMS. Setting up is a breeze – receive instant email instructions, scan the QR code, follow the prompts, restart upon arrival, and stay connected!


Unlimited data access
Reliable connection via the best network
Keep your WhatsApp number on your cell phone
No registration is required, a simple setup process
24/7 customer support
Leave roaming behind and forget about public Wi-Fi networks


Carriers: Wind, Orange, Yoigo, Telenor, Hrvatski Telekom, Digi, Orange, O2, Orange, 3, Net4Mobility, Elisa, Tele2, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, POST, Vodafone, CytaMobile-Vodafone, Telekom.
Covered Countries: Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Slovenia.
Speed: 5G/4G/LTE
Tethering / Hotspot: No
Phone number: No
Plan type: Prepaid
GSM calls: The eSIM will have an Australian number, containing your daily data and 60 or 100min.
Activation expiry: The QR code is valid for 90 days and will expire automatically at the end of this period
Activation time: Activation occurs upon connecting to the local mobile network in the country
Coverage: Coverage throughout the country (except areas with no signal)
Compatibility: All smartphones with eSIM technology-enabled are compatible
Delivery: Via email
Delivery time: Up to 3 hours
Installation: QR Scanning and manual installation
Speed reduction: Although all eSIMs include unlimited data. Please note, that the service provider reserves the right to apply a Fair Usage Policy.
Throttling: After the daily amount of high-speed data is used (2GB or 3GB), the eSIM will have unlimited 128Kbps speed data.



eSIM 購買指南:三個簡單的入門步驟

啟動 eSIM 並在 3 分鐘內上線。我們將在 12 小時內協助啟動。

3 分鐘即可存取您的數據

1.2.將您的 EID 和 IMEI 的螢幕截圖發送給我們(北美)
2. 設定快速簡單
通知:請確認您的出行日期以取得eSIM;二維碼自收到之日起 30 天內有效。
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