We will request your IMEI and EID numbers according to AT&T/T-Mobile requirements to install the eSIM on a chosen device. No QR code will be provided.

The eSIM will be automatically installed with a local US number (+1), containing unlimited data, calls, and texts on your activation date once you arrive in the country.

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Device and Carrier: Choose an option

5GB Data + Calls and Texts (T-Mobile)
For iPhones - 25GB + Calls and Texts (AT&T)

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3 Days
5 Days
7 Days
10 Days
15 Days
20 Days
30 Days
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Experience high-speed 5G/4G connectivity with our versatile eSIMs offering various data plans for your travel needs. Retain your physical SIM for essential calls and SMS. Additionally, enjoy data, calls, and texts with a (+1) US number from local AT&T carriers.

After purchase, we will require to receive your IMEI and EID numbers (you will receive detailed instructions in a follow-up email) to be able to link your device to the AT&T/T-Mobile eSIMs and provide you with a great service.

Before purchasing this product, please make sure that your device is eSIM compatible, is unlocked, and that there are no prior arrangements with a previous provider that might not allow integration of a new data carrier. 


US phone number
Unlimited local calls without any time restrictions
Reliable connection via premium networks in the Canada
Keep your WhatsApp number on your cellphone
No ID registration required. Simple setup process
24/7 customer support in English
Forget about expensive international roaming and searching constantly for public WiFi networks


Carrier: AT&T/T-Mobile
Speed: 5G/4G/LTE
Devices: (1) - T-Mobile plans only supports iPhone, Samsung, Google and Motorola device. Although fully supported, Google and Motorola devices can not receive confirmation notifications. (2) - AT&T plans only support iPhones.
Plan: Unlimited in US and Limited in MCanada
Duration: 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30
Phone number: Yes
Plan type: Prepaid
SMS: Yes
GSM calls: Yes
Activation time: Before 10 AM (PST) on the activation date.
Activation time: Activation occurs upon connecting to the local mobile network in the country
Coverage: Coverage throughout the country (except areas with no signal)
Compatibility: AT&T services are only available for iphone. All other devices can use AT&T.
Delivery: Via email
Delivery time: An email containing connection details will be sent out immediately after purchase.
Installation: After purchase, we will require to receive your IMEI and EID numbers (you will get detailed instructions in a follow-up email) to be able to link your device to the AT&T/T-Mobile eSIMs and provide you with a US (+1) number containing unlimited data, calls, and texts. Your eSIM will be fully activated, upon landing at your destination.
Speed reduction: Although all eSIMs include unlimited data or cumulative offers. Please note, that the service provider reserves the right to apply a Fair Usage Policy.

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eSIM Buying Guide: Three Simple Steps to Get Started

Activate an eSIM and be online in just 3 minutes. We'll assist with activation within 12 hours.

3-minute to access your data

1.1. QR code sent directly to your email (Non-North America )
1.2. Send us your screenshots of your EID and IMEI (North America)
2. Quick and simple setup
3. Automatically connects to mobile data
Notification: kindly confirm your travel date to obtain the eSIM; the QR code is valid for 30 days from receipt.
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